Talbot Primary School


Talbot Primary School seeks to provide a caring, supportive environment, which promotes a healthy spirit of co-operation, encourages respect for all while protecting the right of each individual to maximise their learning potential and experience success through recognition of achievement and effort.

The Talbot Primary School community maintains a commitment to the five values of:


Through these values we aim to:

• provide a caring, supportive and protective environment, which promotes a healthy spirit of co-operation and encourages respect for all.
• offer a comprehensive curriculum, which encourages high standards in learning and provides opportunities to maximise the potential of all students.
• develop in each child the ability to adapt to change, accept challenges and set realistic goals.
• foster and develop each child’s natural abilities, which make it possible for each to enjoy a sense of achievement and self-worth.
• develop in each child a sense of responsibility to the community by fostering networks with other local groups.
• promote effective communication processes, which enhance and strengthen the partnership between home and school.